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Waterjet Cutting Services

Our Flow MACH 500 is our state-of-the-art waterjet machine that provides unprecedented precision in cuts but also flawless edges.

World’s Fastest & Most Accurate Waterjet System.

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World-Class Waterjet Cutting Services

MACH 500 is the fastest, quickest, most accurate waterjet by design. Our fabrication possibilities are truely endless.

ACT has the world’s fastest and most accurate Dynamic waterjet system and its right here in San Antonio, Texas. Need to cut metal, glass, plastic, stone? Our Mach 500 system boasts advanced beveling and 3D (5-axis) capabilities with repeatability +-.001” and linear straightness +-.0015 in/3ft…it is damn accurate!

Our 94,000 PSI system cuts complex or general shapes leaving a beautiful satin finish. Key features:

Notable Features
  • 13’-1” x 6’-6” operating table
  • Z-axis travel 12”
  • 60° of wrist articulation
  • Variable pressure delivery to create parts with ultimate precision
  • Experienced and factory trained CNC machinists know how to make your parts in the shortest time thereby saving you money!
Standing Apart of Our Competition

Limitless Fabrication Capabilities

If you can think it our Flow MACH 500 can cut it. Let us show you why our machinery makes us one of the best fabrication shops in the nation.


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